Restricted Areas

Myanmar’s northernmost town is a mountainous outpost reached only by a handful of foreign travellers. Perched in the foothills of the snowcapped Himalayas, Putao is a gateway to the hilly region sparsely populated by Kachin, Rawang and Lisu people. The town is ringed by mountains with its far northern horizon dominated by Mount Hkakabo Razi. Standing at 5,881m, it is Southeast Asia’s highest summit. Excursions from Putao range from two-day treks to close by Kachin villages, waterfalls and local beauty spots to multi-day whitewater rafting trips and the ten day round trip to the peak of Mount Phonkan Razi which is the region’s most accessible trekking summit at 3,630m. Putao is cut off from the rest of Myanmar and can be reached by irregular bi-weekly flights. Foreign tourists can access the area only with a government permit on pre-arranged.

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