Hot Air Ballooning

Drift over thousands of pagodas in the ancient city of Bagan for a truly unique sunrise hot-air ballooning flight. The experience begins early in the morning with observing the crew inflating the giant balloons. A magical 45-minute fight will provide you with an unparalleled perspective over the sprawl of Bagan, from its vast plains filled with endless monuments to Ayeyarwady River and Arakan-Yoma Hills. There are three well-established ballooning companies offering flights in Bagan, of which the pioneer, Balloons over Bagan additionally offers transportation to the site in a pre-WWII Chevrolet buses. The other one, Oriental Ballooning also offers flights in Inle Lake, where you can admire a scenic mountain rigged lake with its stilt villages and leg rowing fishermen, in Mandalay with rides over the city’s iconic Royal Palace and U Bein Bridge, and in Ngapali Beach which allows you to fly over an unspoiled coastline of the Bay of Bengal. All balloons are UK-made and staffed with licensed and experienced pilots from Europe and Australia. The flights operate only in the dry season, from October to March.

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