Mergui Archipelago

THE UNEXPLORED MYEIK (Mergui) Archipelago, made up of more than 800 islands is a pristine tropical paradise and one of Myanmar’s most precious wonders. The islands in the Andaman Sea offer a wide range of gorgeous whitesand beaches as well as numerous water sports activities. No Wi-Fi or phone service in the islands means going off-grid from the hustle of life and is a perfect opportunity to fully experience the grandiose paradise. Due to its remote location and lack of tourism infrastructure, only a few tourists make it here. Located on the Macleod Island, Myanmar Andaman Resort is the only comfortable accommodation option.
Most visitors choose to explore the archipelago by yachts and cruises that allow them to visit remote and undiscovered islands with its pristine beaches and lavish snorkeling sites. The sailing tours start in Kawthaung, a port city on the southern tip of Myanmar, a gateway to the paradise.
Myeik Archipelago is home to a unique indigenous minority who inhabit the islands, the Moken Sea Gypsies, who live a nomadic lifestyle in their handcrafted wooden boats. Around 3,000 Moken Sea Gypsies live off the abundant marine resources of the archipelago traversing between islands and fishing sites. They are best known for their extraordinary ability to free-dive to remarkable depths and hold their breath underwater to spear fish. The Mokens are isolated from the rest of the world, and though the Burmese government has made attempts to assimilate them many of them continue to wander around the islands as they have for centuries.

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