Terms and Conditions

Tripbuilder Pte. Ltd. (further referred to as “TripBuilder“, “we“, “us“ and “our“ ) is a travel agency established in Singapore under the registration number 201407025M, with office located at 48 Spottiswoode Park Road #21-12, Singapore 088660. TripBuilder is licenced by the Singapore Tourism Board, our regulatory body, to carry out travel services as described in the Travel Agents Act, under licence number 02918. All matters arising from these terms and conditions are governed by the Singaporean law.

General provisions

All holiday types sold by TripBuilder are subject to the below terms and conditions as well as other general information presented in the marketing materials and on our website. Any communication between TripBuilder and the Customer prior to making a deposit payment is for informational purposes only and not intended as an offer unless otherwise stated.  By making a deposit payment, you are willingly entering into a contractual agreement with TripBuilder whereby you agree to pay a fee for provision of travel related services by TripBuilder as outlined in the offer. Customers making a deposit payment are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions.

Payment for bookings

As an online travel agency, TripBuilder enables its Customers for easy and convenient electronic mode of payment by credit and debit cards as well as other electronic payment mechanisms. Depending on the tour, we allow you to make an instant booking that will be confirmed within 72 hours. During this period, we will block sufficient amount of funds on your card, as authorized by you until the time when the itinerary is fully confirmed. Upon successful confirmation of the itinerary we will charge the agreed amount from your card. Should the booking be unsuccessful, we will release your funds and inform you about alternative options. In certain cases where the booking cannot be instantly confirmed, we will accept your initial request to make the booking without the need to input your payment details. Subject to availability of accommodation, we will contact you electronically with amount and payment details and the due date. Please note that TripBuilder does not retain any payment details that you input on our website. All payment details such as credit card numbers  are processed directly by our payment gateway providers such as PayPal and AsiaPay, ensuring maximum protection and security of the payment details.

Cancellation of bookings / Cancellation fee

In the event you have to cancel part or the entire booking and after the booking has been confirmed by us and the deposit received, we reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee. Any requests to cancel your booking should be made to us in writing or by email and acknowledged by TripBuilder. Cancellation fee will be driven by the date of the receipt of such request by us.

We reserve the right to keep 100% of the deposit payment related to booking of the accommodation, irrespective of the time period when the cancellation is made. We will endeavor to offer you at least partial refund for the accommodation if our local tour operators and hotels allow for this. We will charge you cancellation fees for other products and services according to the following scheme:

Period before the departure

Cancellation Fee

up to 90 days


up to 45 days


up to 7 days


less than 7 days



Changes to the booking

Please note that business standards and enforceability of contractual agreements in countries where TripBuilder offers holidays can be significantly different from your country of origin. TripBuilder relies on a number of carefully selected local tour operators working with hotels and transportation companies that are responsible for the delivery of services as agreed between you and TripBuilder.

In some situations, based on the information we receive from our tour operators, we may have to make changes to the pre-agreed itinerary for which you already paid the deposit. Most of such changes will be minor in nature and not affect the overall experience of your holiday. In the unlikely event of any material alterations to your booking we will immediately notify you of such changes and offer you one of the following options:

  • accept the changes
  • amend the itinerary based on your preferences which may involve receiving a partial refund or making an additional payment. Please note we will not always be able to accomodate your preferences or offer you a comparable service.
  • cancel the booking and receive a full refund

Change in a hotel or hotel standard would not be regarded as a significant change unless the stay in a particular hotel is the focus of your itinerary. Significant changes are typically changes that can be reasonably understood to have a major effect on your holiday and may include factors such as length and dates of your trip or skipping major locations within a pre-agreed itinerary, taking into consideration information you have explicitly stated during the booking process.

Your requests to amend existing booking will be handled on the best effort basis. You may be liable for the cancellation fee of any parts of the itinerary that has already been paid for, depending on the arrangements we have with the local tour operators and hotels and in line with the cancellation fee schedule above. We will offer you a refund whenever we can obtain it, less any reasonable administration costs and costs of making the original arrangement.

Force majeure

TripBuilder does not accept any responsibility for events and circumstances that could not have been reasonably foreseen or avoided by us or any of our tour operators. Such circumstances, also referred to as “Force majeure”, may include but are not limited to, actual or threatened; acts of war, terrorism, strikes, new government policies, natural disasters, changes of flight schedules and extreme weather conditions. TripBuilder will not be liable for any loss or damage you may incur in relations to abovementioned events. We may also not be able to provide you with a compensation for partial or full cancellation of your booking which results directly from occurrence of such events.


While we make every effort to deliver highest possible standard of your holidays and ensure that your holiday is properly planned, arranged and conducted as outlined in the booking itinerary, in some situation you may feel that we have not fulfilled the contract and are liable for the losses and damages you have suffered. In events such as personal injuries or death, we will accept responsibility for any failures of our employees, tour operators and their suppliers provided you can prove a reasonable skill and care has not been undertaken. We will only accept responsibility on behalf of our employees if at the time they were acting within the capacity of their employment. We will only be responsible for our related parties during the time they were conducting contracted activities on behalf of TripBuilder.

If you have suffered a loss, personal injury or death, we will not be held responsible for situations where (but not limited to):

  • you are at fault
  • unrelated 3rd party is at fault and it could not have been reasonably predicted or avoided
  • events and circumstances could not have reasonably been predicted by TripBuilder or our suppliers caused loss or damage
  • our employees and other related parties are at fault but outside of their employment and contractual agreements with TripBuilder
  • you have purchased additional services directly from our tour operators and other related parties that were not part of the original offer and agreement between you and TripBuilder
  • you are not satisfied with your holiday based on your subjective reasons or reasons that you have not shared with us prior to the commencement of your holiday.

Please note that to decide if reasonable skill and care have been undertaken, any disputes in respect to provision of services will need to consider local laws, regulations and common practises of the country where your claim took place. While the level of certain services TripBuilder and our related parties provide may not meet or in fact be against laws and regulations of your country of origin, such services will be considered as properly provided if meeting standards, regulations and common practises of the destination country. While our customers’ safety is the utmost priority for us when arranging your holiday, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with local safety standards in order to make a reasoned decision prior to making a booking to a specific destination.

TripBuilder’s liability is also limited in size to the amount a transportation provider or a hotel operator would be required to pay you under international laws and conventions, if such are applicable. In the event that such laws and conventions do not entitle you to compensation, TripBuilder will not be liable for any loss or damage you may suffer.

International flights and holiday commencement

TripBuilder is a highly specialized tour agency focusing on best in class on-the-ground type of holiday arrangements. We do not offer any type of international flight arrangements from/to your country of origin and you are expected to make these arrangements on your own when making a booking with TripBuilder. Upon making such arrangement, your need to inform us of your arrival and departure times from/to your country of origin. You are required to inform TripBuilder of your travel itinerary at least 7 days prior to your arrival. While we are not responsible for any changes to flights from your home country, we will accommodate any reasonable changes to the timing of your arrival and departure if such occur within 7 days period before your arrival. Should your arrival to the destination country be significantly delayed, we will not be in a position to compensate you for forgone accommodation. In the event your departure is delayed, we will only be able to extend accommodation at an additional cost, as agreed between TripBuilder, local tour operator and you.

Your responsibilities

When booking a tour with TripBuilder, you agree to behave in a suitable manner towards other customers, TripBuilder’s staff  and related party’s representatives as well as towards the general population of the destination country. We reserve a right to terminate any holiday arrangement with an immediate effect and without any compensation paid to you if your actions are putting other parties in danger or distress. You are liable for any damage you may cause to 3rd party’s property, included but not limited to hotel equipment, transportation providers as well as any unrelated party.


We strongly recommend that all Customers are adequately insured against unforeseen circumstances. Your insurance should protect you against medical expenses, emergency situations and loss of your personal belongings. In addition, we encourage you to consider insurance against cancellations of tou and changes to your international flights as we may not be able to fully reimburse you, subject to cancellation fees as described above. Due to diverse, international customer base, we are unable to offer you insurance services. Based on our experience, we recommend that you seek travel insurance protection at your country of origin, which normally offers the lowest price and easiest handling of any insurance claims.

Financial Guarantee

TripBuilder is covered by a subsisting policy of fidelity insurance on our directors and employees who are entrusted with the receipt, custody, disbursement or charge of company’s money. In the event of any fraudulent activity of a rogue company employee or a director which would result in a loss of the funds received  from you as a payment for a booking, you will be entitled to make a claim under the fidelity insurance coverage. Details on our fidelity insurance coverage and Travel Agent licence can be provided directly upon contacting TripBuilder as well as by the Singapore Tourism Board, our regulatory body.

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