Responsible Travel

Not only is TripBuilder committed to creating trips that impact lives and communities in Myanmar, we are also devoted to serving local communities and to protect and preserve Myanmar’s flora and fauna and cultural sites. Our commitment to help the country is one of the core focuses of our company.

As a responsible travel agency, we recognize our responsibility to uphold the sustainability of Myanmar’s travel industry, and we are eager on being part of any dialogue and concerning it. We take pride in us incorporating sustainable and responsible travel in all trips that we provide to our customers and in showcasing the country’s history, culture, natural resources and its future to the world.

The foundation of our approach is called TripBuilder Cares, and its core missions are: to support local communities and better the lives of the locals, to encourage people to protect and preserve Myanmar’s natural and archeological sites, and to engrave to the Myanmarese the awareness that its country’s resources are irreplaceable and its value is priceless.

TripBuilder is honored to be partnering with you in its efforts to serve and help Myanmar in many ways. You can find out more about other ways to partner with us in the Responsible Travel and together let’s leave a footprint of better lives and better communities in the country. 

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